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Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work For Free

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I have said this before, but I think, it’s worth a reminder:

Imagine a magazine, newspaper or a website with no photographs.

Images are valuable commodities. Keep that in mind before you consider giving your images away, for free.

It is one thing to donate your time and images for a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

It is also prudent to invest time and images for promoting your business.

But it is colossally uncool when companies and organizations expect to source free images, when they pay for the utilities, mortgage or rent, salaries, Internet Service Provider and all the other basic expenses involved with running the show.

This is not the typical “hobbyists are giving away images for free” rant, but an observation.

The point is, that there is a distinct difference between giving from one’s heart, and having that kindness exploited, or taken for granted.

The next time you get a freebie request, and if/when you feel that the request is unfair, consider forwarding them this link – Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work For Free


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