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My thoughts on the 365 Project

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. Never, ever, jump into a 365 without a solid project or a series of projects in mind. I did not. So I struggled a lot when the reality of 365 hit me. 

. 365, I think, primarily is a left brained endeavor. It neither addresses nor care about the inspiration that fuels the images. Inspiration or not, the unwritten rule is to churn out an image each day. While it might a breeze for someone else, I do not function like that. 

Photography to me, is primarily a heart activity. When I am in the zone, I take more than one images per day. Some days, you don’t want to touch the camera. Because of 365, you are but forced to take a sub par image (when you don’t feel inspired), for the sake of the project. It’s just not me. 

. Regardless of my lack of direction from the heart, I initially kept at the schedule. I made sure I took an image per day, for the sake of 365. But soon, I let the heart take charge. And an unnecessary yoke was lifted off of my back. I became free. 

I realized 365 was not for me but still continued to add images to the set, which were not necessarily taken each day. Instead of abandoning the project, I wanted to complete it. It is, now. 


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