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Look Beyond The Wrapping Paper

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We allow ourselves to be trained (often with valid reasons) to hate the communists, the capitalists, the religious fundamentalists, the atheists, the liberals, the conservatives, the pro-lifers, the pro-choicers, the colored, the whites… – basically anyone who does not conform to our views and/or is different. 

All we need to do is take a huge step back and realize that “they” are not the enemy. There is no “they”. “They” are US. The enemy is hatred itself – an alien entity, a cancer that we invite (no thought can take root unless we let it) to our minds to soil and tear us apart, when in our core, we are all connected. 

When we hate someone (no matter how justified the reason is), it is akin to shooting ourselves in the foot. Hating drains us. Loving frees us; it brings us back to our true essence and purpose. And love loves unconditionally.

So, how do we do this? Just observe and learn from the little kids. They know better. 

This is not to say that we have to pretend that all is well, when it is not. We can vehemently differ on our views, but without seeing the person through the filter of his/her views. A person’s identity is not his/her views, even though some are inseparably connected to theirs. With time, views evolve.

Look beyond the wrapping paper; the scene is beautiful behind the all the labels and the walls created by the ego.


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