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I don’t usually do the camera-unpacking pictures, but this packaging was a delight; I had to photograph it.

Photos from Lomo LC-A have always inspired me for its unpredictability and supposed imperfection. Vignetting is considered as a “flaw” and camera companies spend top money to avoid that, but I have always adored the vignetting from the LC-A. In fact, the vignetting that I add on my digital shots are inspired by shots from the LC-A.

Few days ago, I bought my very first Lomo, the revised LC-A+. And I am stoked!

First impressions:

1. Super impressed with their packaging. The wooden box was totally unexpected.

2. The camera is smaller and lighter than I expected and it’s good news. I wanted it to be unobtrusive.

3. The only thing that one needs to nail is the focus, which has four settings. After the first few frames from the film roll that came with the package, I got the hang of guesstimating the distance.

A word on Lomography New York’s customer service: They initially accidentally sent me a Lomokino. I was dissappointed, because I was looking forward to make pictures with the new Lomo this weekend, but thanks to their exemplary service, they overnighted my LC-A+ before the weekend. Thanks, guys!

I’m looking forward to have loads of fun with this puppy.


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