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Ego is the part of our mind that keeps us wanting which in turn produces pride, sadness, anger, worry, insecurity and judgementalism towards others. The source of any negativity can be traced to the ego. It literally is a heartless taskmaster that drains one’s emotional energy.

For the ego, the answer is always “out there”. We subscribe to its edicts in hopes that it will fill the void in us that we so desperately want to be filled. “Follow my prescribed path, for then, will you receive that which you seek for”, says the ego. But to our chagrin, we discover that the happiness or the freedom promised by the ego is nothing but an unreachable mirage.

The simple fact of the matter is that, the ego is a bully and bullies are epic weaklings within their core. It thrives on imprisoning the heart, but it does so by not realizing the fact that the heart has the power to rewrite the mind.

Freedom begins when we realize that the heart is infinitely more powerful than the mind. Authentic emotional freedom has nothing to do with anything that comes from without. Nothing and not one human being can grant us freedom. Freedom is experienced from within.

One way to experience that freedom is by loving unconditionally. Love is a power source that transforms our mind. It is similar to the water gushing out of a hose. Before the water hits the plant, it saturates the hose from within. When we meditate and speak negativity, no matter how justified we think we are with our assertions or how factual we think the thought is, the negativity soils our mind and binds us. But when we proactively and unconditionally love, it saturates us first and sets us free, free to be ourselves and to be effective conduits of Love.

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