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Jersey Shore – Charity Print Auction for Japan

© Daniel Alexander |

Short Version:
The winner of the auction donates directly to a legitimate charitable organization.
Upon seeing the proof of donation, I send the winner the print. I pay for printing and shipping.

Long Version:

I am auctioning this print to help the people of Japan following the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Print Details: 8 x 10 inch print, Kodak Endura Metallic (Pearlescent Finish) mounted on a Single Weight Matboard. Please note that frame will not be included, but it is recommended that the print be framed.

I would like you to start the bidding at US$ 50.00

You will have to directly bid from the page on flickr or email me (framesmedia [at] ) to bid on your behalf.

The highest bidder at the time the auction ends will donate that amount directly (you won’t be sending a penny to me) to a trusted charity helping with the relief effort in Japan, such as:

American Red Cross:

Save the Children:

World Vision:

Japanese Red Cross Society: 2000 yen is approximately 25 US dollars. Your card will be charged in JPY and a foreign transaction fee may apply.

Please just email me with a bid and I will place the bid in the comments on your behalf:

Should you wish to be anonymous on the Flickr comments section, please let me know when you place your bid via email. If there are more than one person who wishes to be anonymous, you will be named Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2 etc. Also, if you want to be known only by first name, let me know that via email.

The bidding will end on April 14, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (-4 GMT).

Note: Since the deadline is over, the print will go to the first person that bids US$ 50.00 or more.

At this time, I will contact the the person who wrote/commented or emailed the highest amount and have him or her direct the fund to a legitimate charity involved in the effort for aid for the people of Japan (preferably to one of the organizations listed above).

On proof of donation (either an email from the organization or a screen print – which you will email me at framesmedia [at], I will arrange for the print to made and shipped to you.

I will pay for the print to be produced and pay for shipping, so all of your donation goes straight to the cause.

Thank you for your interest.

For more information on this:


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